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Kak Arni suka tengok mereka yang berusia 40an 50an yang masih cantik naturally. Automatik kita akan tertanya-tanya apa rahsia mereka, apa yang mereka amalkan, apa yang mereka makan supaya

wajah awet muda dan kulit bersih.

Lumrah kita sebagai seorang wanita nak melihat yang cantik, salah seorang mentor kak Arni ialah Pn Rita founder #GritzAromatheraphy yang berusia hampir 50an dan mempunyai cucu.

First time melihat beliau dalam FB sahabat, terus wah cantiknya kakak ni. Terus stalking FB kak Rita, sorry ya kak Rita hehe. Dan terus jatuh cinta dengan Essential Oil dan ada rupa-rupanya jenama tempatan.

Kak Rita ialah seorang certified Aromatherapist yang mempunyai IFA Diploma (UK), JHA (UK) dan Diploma In Holistic Aromatheraphy dari Stella-In International. Beliau juga IFA Trained Holistic Aromatheraphist practitioner.

Kak Arni memang minat dengan organic, natural sejak jatuh cinta dengan Shaklee and now tambahan lagi satu Essential Oil, kita akan mendalami ilmu alami ini dengan lebih lanjut lagi.

Kongsikan kebaikan dan sebarkan.


Rita Omar is the founder of the Ritz Holistic Aromatherapy Clinic and Academy (RITHACA). Rita has a passion for nature, a strong believer in natural therapies and with sheer hard work and determination; she has created many innovative product ranges with a social responsibility. While she was working, she continued to pursue her interest in herbal therapies. Rita spent her weekends and holidays attending classes, learning and investigating many natural remedies and the healing properties that nature had to offer.

It was at this time that she was lucky enough to be introduced and understood the world of blending essential oils and natural therapies. She was inspired by this concept and the idea for RITZHACA was born.

Rita is a certified Aromatherapist who holds IFA Diploma (UK), JHIA (UK) and Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy from Stella-in International. She is also an IFA trained Holistic Aromatherapist practitioner.

In vision to provide holistic aromatherapy health treatment, education and self-development to public, Rita Omar aims to triumph over Body Shop in becoming a key force in the natural products and aromatherapy.

Rita Omar shared her three motivation quotes that sustain her throughout the aggressive, competitive business market

“Whatever you do, be different. If you are different, you will stand out. – Anita Roddick “
To win against the vicious business world, uniqueness is the key. Aspired from Anita Roddick, founder of Body Shop’s quote, Rita Omar resigned from her nine to five professional career to commence in aromatherapy and became full pledged, qualified aroma therapist.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it. – Estee Lauder”

Rita Omar overcame each every obstacles with hard work, commitment and faith. She knows there is no shortcut to obtain success, but always an uphill battle.
“When if you feel like quitting think about why you started – Unknown.”

Rita Omar once stumble on adversity that make her thought to giving up. But then she remembered her reasons why she involved in aromatherapy at first place and warm supports that she received, fuels her to stay and keep on fighting.

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